27 September 2016

Stuffed spaghetti squash

Spaghetti squash is quite a funny vegetable to cook. I would imagine that even kids would enjoy eating it very much due to the spaghetti like texture. So here is another squash dish that I cooked recently, stuffed spaghetti squash with spicy soya mince and tomato filling. I guess baking and stuffing are quite the standard choices for a spaghetti squash, but they're quite tasty and easy options to make as well. I tried to make these stuffed spaghetti squashes slightly spicy and smoky with smoked paprika, smoked chilli pasta and liquid aminos.

Here is my recipe of today:


1 spaghetti squash
½ cup dried soya mince
2 onions
1 carrot
3 garlic cloves
100 g tomatoes
Olive oil
Smoked paprika
Smoked chilli paste
Liquid aminos
100 g grated cheese


Cut the spaghetti squash in half, brush with olive oil and roast until done.

Prepare the mince filling in the meanwhile by cooking the dried soya mince in water and by chopping the onions, garlic and carrot finely. Start cooking these in olive oil, then add the drained mince and finally the tomatoes. Let simmer for a while and season.

Remove some strings of the spaghetti squash with a fork to mix with the mince and then fill the squash halves with the mince mix.

Cover with cheese and bake at 180 C for about 15 minutes.


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