10 September 2016


I'm still returning to my holiday memories on this gloomy rainy day, as I started sorting out my photos. Towards the end of our holiday in August, we went to Canterbury in Kent for a few days to attend a wedding. I've been there a couple of times before, but now we had more time to explore the town. My partner went to the university there, so he was my guide. The weather happened to be really lovely while we were there, which was extremely lucky and we had such a nice time.

Canterbury is a very pretty historical town and of course the great centrepiece is the Canterbury Cathedral. We stayed at a quaint Medieval hotel just by the Cathedral gates. There are many beautiful buildings, canals and parks and the town is quite vibrant yet somehow calming.

My favourite place in Canterbury will have to be The Goods Shed by the Canterbury West railway station. It's a farmers market, food hall and restaurant and a nice place to spend some time in. I bought some seriously good local vegetables and Kentish cider to take home with me. They also had a craft beer bottle shop and bar, which happened to have one of my favourite beers from Copenhagen on tap, lucky again!

Here are some of my photos from Canterbury. I hope you like them.


  1. I've been away on a short break, so am catching up with my blog reads. Hope your well. I am surprised to read its raining where you are, the sun is out here. Lovely pictures from your trip, i like the 4th image, what is that with the face? i'm intrigued. By the way, we were contemplating whether to go to Canterbury last week, but ended up opting for Rye in Kent where we found some local cobnuts. I hope to go to Canterbury one day.

    1. I saw your photos from Brighton on Instagram. It's such a good destination for veggies, loads of good restaurants. I'm sure you had fun.

      The face was some sculpture by the Marlowe Theatre, quite interesting looking.

      Today it's luckily sunny here as well, but yesterday it rained all day.

  2. Must have been fun if your partner had lived there previously - I visited many years ago on my first trip to the UK and would love to go there again as it is such a distant memory. Love your photos

    1. It was very good to have a guide with local knowledge. For us it's not too long of a trip, so hope to go back some day.


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