13 September 2016

Rainbow root vegetable salad with red currant vinaigrette

Weather is hot again here and light salads are in high demand. I made this colourful salad with the amazing seasonal vegetables on offer. It's so nice to cook with the late summer's produce whilst still enjoying the warmth outside.This salad already has a promise of autumn about it, though.

By the way, I changed the appearance of my blog slightly trying to make the background less busy and such. The hedgehog artwork on the top is by my mum. It's so cute. I would've wanted to show it more, but this is all I managed to do yesterday. Might have to sit with the blog layout again a couple of hours more when I have time. But I hope that it's a bit better now for a change.

Here is my rainbow salad:


1 carrot
1 sweet beetroot
¼ kohlrabi
1 gem lettuce
Handful of pumpkin seeds
50 g fresh red currants
White wine vinegar to taste


The method is simple. First make the vinaigrette. Cook the red currants in a pan until they are softened. Press them through a sieve to remove the seeds. Then mix them with a little white wine vinegar to taste.

Spiralise the carrot, beetroot and kohlrabi and cut the lettuce. Mix these ingredients with the pumpkin seeds and serve with the red currant vinaigrette.

This salad is a perfectly good standalone dish, but also nice as a side salad with for example potato mash and a veggie Schnitzel like I had it.

I'm sharing this salad with No Croutons Required vegetarian soup and salad cooking challenge hosted this Month by Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes.

Your VegHog


  1. I love spiralising salads - it totally ups their game! Also love our mum's hedgehog picture, so cute!

    1. Thank you! Me too, makes them so much more interesting and cute looking. :)

  2. how cute and curly! and your blog is looking good - I like your header being smaller but I would love to see more of your mum's cute hedgehogs

    1. Yes, I agree about the header. I still need to tweek it a bit when I have time so that the text perhaps starts lower showing off the hedgehogs more.

  3. Shame on me, I completely forgot about my No Croutons Required roundup, but to make up I am sitting here in my holiday home in the highlands catching up. The roundup is live now if you'd like a look. Thanks for submitting your gorgeous recipe. Jac x


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