22 December 2016

Christmas beers 2016

I tend to write a Christmas beer post every year, and this year is no different. I've been able to taste some excellent Christmas beers again this year before Christmas, and will hopefully have more good ones in Finland. Here is my this year's selection.

Mikkeller: Hoppy Lovin' Christmas 7,8 %

  • India pale ale brewed with ginger and pine needles
  • pale colour
  • note of booze, tangerine and toffee in the nose
  • fresh taste, citrus, tangerine, pine
  • very drinkable, with slight tastes of caramel, grass and bitterness in the end

Anchor Brewing Co.: Merry Christmas 2016 Happy New Year 6,5 %

  • dark with a light brown head
  • toffee, mild burnt notes, liquorice, caramel
  • dry spicy aftertaste
  • drinkable and Christmas beery

Lervig: Kringly Kris Norwegian Juleporter 4,7 %

  • deep brown with a light brown head
  • chestnut with a hint of coconut
  • toasty malty midtaste
  • almost floral notes of spices in the aftertaste
  • very refreshing for a porter

Flying Dog: K9 Winter Warmer 7,4 %

  • dark red
  • booze, fruit and vanilla in the nose
  • banana ester flavours
  • vanilla flavour throughout
  • cocoa aftertaste

Kinn Bryggeri: Julefred 7,0 %

  • dark red brown
  • slight nuttiness, bit of caramel, good malty taste throughout
  • bit or raisins
  • gentle hoppy bitterness in the aftertaste

Evil Twin Brewing: Christmas Eve at a New York City Hotel Room 10%

  • absolute black colour
  • imperial stout
  • smells of whisky and booze
  • more whisky in the taste, burnt caramel, smokiness, rich bitter fruits, raisins
  • sweet and smooth

Buxton Brewery Winter IPA 6,3 %

  • red IPA with deep red colour
  • well hopped
  • grassy undertones with some pine and citrus
  • assertive bitterness and darker malts

Enjoy the Christmas beers!

Your VegHog

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