11 May 2017

Fava bean flour in baking and cooking

A while ago I purchased this fava bean flour from Hodmedod’s, and have been slipping it here and there ever since. I’ve used it for example in burger patties and homebaked rolls. I will definitely keep the fava bean flour as one of my dry cupboard staples, as it’s a very convenient way of adding a bit of extra protein to dishes and baking. It’s also gluten-free.

Unfortunately I didn’t note down the exact recipe for these rolls that contain fava bean flour, spelt flour, wheat flour and linseeds. I just threw all the ingredients together. They were so nutty in taste and very filling. I packed them up as our travel snacks with fried halloumi slices, lambs lettuce, tomatoes and chilli pickle. Five rolls pretty much fed the two of us all day long.

Do you have any good tips to share for using fava bean flour?

Your VegHog

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