30 May 2017

Travel snacks

Am I the only one who is always starving when travelling? It doesn't matter, if I've just had a filling breakfast before the departure, latest after the airport security checks, I'm feeling peckish! Therefore I try to take all sorts of nice snacks with me, in case there isn't anything decent around to eat. My standard is salty popcorn, it fills me just suitably and gives me strength for a while.

But it doesn't all have to be unhealthy. Another favourite of mine is hummus with carrot sticks, however that's sometimes a bit too fussy or messy to have on the go. It's normally fine on trains that aren't too fully packed. Sometimes I'm even so organised that I bake homemade rolls for trips. Unfortunately that doesn't happen every time.

Last time when I was travelling I had these goodies in my bag: Veggie protein power by Graze, Candy Kittens' sweets, sea salted popcorn by Proper Corn and rice sticks by Munch. Especially these rice sticks were amazing, as they were also a new acquaintance for me. I will get them again for my approaching flight.

What are you snacking on when travelling?

Your VegHog


  1. I like to have travel snacks - roasted chickpeas has been a favourite of late but I have been known to take little pots of baked beans on planes - though I think the last time I tried it they were too big for the liquid allowance so perhaps things have changed.

    1. Oh I also like those roasted chickpeas, but probably wouldn't be brave enough for the beans. And yes, the liquid allowance does limit things a bit. :)


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