31 May 2017

Spicy summer tacos

So the time has come, I'm off to Copenhagen today. Goodbye my friends in Britain, I will miss you very much and wish you all the best! I will write to you from Copenhagen as soon as I can. Take care!

Just before I go, I want to share this lovely summer taco recipe with you, my last dish cooked in Britain. These are quite light and quick to make. You can make them either vegan or serve with cheese and chilli mayo, both versions are perfectly good.

Spicy tacos


3 romano peppers
300 g cherry tomatoes
Oilve oil
2 onions
1 fresh garlic bulb
1 small chilli
1 small can sweetcorn
1 cup dried broad bean bits
2 tsp smoked chilli paste
1 tsp sea salt
Grated Emmental cheese (optional)
Chilli mayo (optional)
Lime wedges
8 taco shells


Cut the peppers into pieces, brush them with olive oil and roast. Also roast the tomatoes for a slightly shorter time.

Chop the onions, chilli and garlic and cook them in olive oil until soft. Add the sweetcorn and the cooked broad bean bits (these can be substituted by soya products or pulses) and finally the seasoning.

Also mix the roasted vegetables in and serve this mix in taco shells.


The VegHog


  1. Safe journey my blogger friend. Look forward to hearing from you once you have settled in .

    1. Thank you very much Shaheen! I arrived okay


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