17 May 2017

Kabuki pea burgers

This week has been quite rainy. It's still warm, but just really wet. I've caught a cold, but have also many things going on at the moment, so I can't really let that stop me. I also feel that comfort food is the right choice of the moment, and therefore made some vegetarian burgers to indulge in.

I made these veggie burger patties that are full of good proteins. The patties themselves are vegan and they contain kabuki peas, pea protein flakes, and fava bean flour. These made very tasty burgers and the patties held very well together.

Kabuki pea burgers


1 cup cooked kabuki peas
½ cup pea protein flakes
1 carrot
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
1 green chilli
1 tbsp olive oil
4 tbsp fava bean flour
1 tsp sea salt
½ tsp ground black pepper
Handful of fresh coriander


Homemade carrot bun
Fried halloumi
Pea shoots
Smoked chilli pickle


Cook the kabuki peas and briefly cook the finely chopped onion, garlic and chilli in olive oil. Also cook the pea protein flakes as per packet instructions.

Mix all the ingredients together and purée the peas slightly. I always like to leave some whole ones as well.

Shape burgers from the mix and fry on both sides in vegetable oil until brown.

Serve with any veggie burger fixtures you like. I served them with homemade carrot buns, fried halloumi, pea shoots, smoked chilli pickle and blue tortilla chips on the side. 

This recipe is my May Eat Your Greens recipe. Shaheen is hosting this month, head to her blog to admire the colourful entries.

I also want to Share this recipe with My Legume Love Affair #107 cooking challenge hosted this month by Siri and co-hosted by Lisa.

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  1. Looks really good, and def. weather for comfort burgers.Excited by the pea shoots too. Thanks for sharing with #EatYourGreens I am happy with the rain as the garden needs it, but come on - enough already.

    1. Yeah, I made these a few days back, but made them again now, as they were quite good and I had some peas left. Sometimes rain is nice and it's cosy to be inside, but it kind of doesn't have to rain all week, :(

  2. I love Hodmedod's products especially their UK grown quinoa. Your use of pea protein has given me an idea of how to use up a bag of Huel (a vegan shake mix as an alternative to a meal) in making some veggie burgers - thanks for that!

  3. Love the burger plus how hearty it looks. Thanks so much for sending it to MLLA. :-)



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