22 May 2017

Just a salad

Sometimes just a salad is the right thing to eat. It's probably due to the spring and warmer weather that I have been craving for more salads lately, but I'm not at all unhappy about these healthier developments. This week seems to be getting very promising weather wise. Today is just a gorgeous summerly weather, but it's a shame that it's Monday and there isn't much time to do anything in the evening.

There are so many lovely ingredients around at the moment that are perfect in salads, and I want to use them all. I've also noticed that I order more salads in restaurants and caf├ęs, which is quite unusual for me.

I tend to add cheese and nuts to make a salad more wholesome, and very often we notice how filling a salad dinner has been. It's not “just a salad” most of the time. I also added kabuki pea hummus to this salad plate, and it was very tasty. So here is this latest small salad creation.

What are your favourite salads like? Do you often have a salad lunch or dinner?

Your VegHog


  1. Your salad looks beautiful. In summer I love some salad but it is too cold for me to be too tempted by salad (I had a toastie for lunch today at a cafe rather than the salad which was tempting but too cold)

    1. Yeah, it must be the warmer weather over here that I'm feeling like eating a salad the whole time.


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