4 May 2017

Under the sea

I'm back from my holiday to Finland, well actually already since Tuesday evening. I just haven't had time to write anything here since, as it was straight back to work for me. The holiday was nice. It was great to see my family again and also some snow (yes it happened, and I have photos to prove it). I will write a quick holiday post soon, but now I have a busy weekend ahead again, so it will probably be later.

I now want to share this under the sea themed bento box with you that I made recently as mine and my partner's work lunches. So this box just contained two onigiris, a fish shaped with seaweed flakes and a star shaped plain one, and both had an umeboshi paste filling and nori strips around them. I added some fresh veggies to the box: carrots, kale, spinach, sprouts and tomatoes, and served a soya-chilli sauce on the side. It was a really nice lunch.

What has been in your lunch boxes lately?

Your VegHog


  1. These bentos are best when they're this vibrant!
    I'd love to see photos from your trip and I still have not experienced snow. :(


    1. Isn't vibrant coloured food just great! And yes, the photos will come soon. I hope you will get to see snow some day.

  2. these are so cute - glad you had a good holiday - enjoy your weekend


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