9 May 2017

Holiday in Finland

I finally had time to sort out my holiday photos and select a few to show you from my recent family visit to Finland. I didn’t do much else than to see my family, and the holiday as a whole was very relaxing with only a few schedules.

Already from the plane I could see how different England and Finland looked from the air at this time of the year. England was already all green and crops growing on the fields, whilst Finland was quite grey and had brown unsown ground. In the spring the difference is quite noticeable, as Finland's spring is starting so much later.

The weather kept changing a lot while I was there. It was snowing on several days, so that the ground was actually white. It was quite chilly for late April and early May, but sometimes the weather is like that over there around this time of the year. I found it great, as I so rarely get to visit my home in the winter, and find snow fascinating (especially these days when I rarely get to see it). I wish my partner would have been with me this time to experience the exotic late spring snow. However it was not all gloomy winter weather, we had a couple of nice and warm days as well.

I ate quite a lot during the holiday, but have no food photos to show. I guess I was too busy eating rather than taking photos. I experimented with the new Finnish protein products again, like the pulled oats, fryable cottage cheese and broad bean protein. My mum and I cooked quite a few meals with those, but I think that the best were probably the broad bean protein burgers with root vegetable bread. They also made nice travel food for me. Another interesting item was this beetroot pasta. I already posted the same “maggot” looking pasta as the carrot version during a previous visit, and I had to buy these too. They were tasty and actually had a hint of beetroot flavour in them. We had them with pulled oats in a tomato sauce.

So here are some photos from my trip with the ever changing weather conditions in the Finnish countryside. I hope you enjoy.


  1. Great pictures and the pasta, love the colour.

  2. Most beautiful photos. Especially love the snowy scenes. I miss the snow we had in Russia. I haven't heard of pulled oats, will have to google them to see what it is.

    1. Thank you Galina! I miss snow now as well that I don't live in Finland. Pulled oats are all the craze over there now, a vegetarian protein product made from oats, peas and broad beans.


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