22 May 2016

The Forest Feast for Kids

I don't remember when I last introduced one of my cookbooks to you, it has certainly been a while. Since I recently purchased The Forest Feast for Kids by Erin Gleeson, I thought I'd write a little bit about it now. 

I already loved Erin's first cookbook The Forest Feast, so it felt only natural that I would buy the second one as well, even though I don't have kids myself. I think that this book is perfectly nice for some bigger kids as well, like me.

This book is full of simple vegetarian recipes that are beautifully presented, and once again the artwork is very endearing. There are plenty of good tips for kids how to cut vegetables, and the book is also teaching the vocabulary for different cooking methods. The instructions for making the dishes are very visual and have simple steps to follow, which is obviously ideal. The book is fairly priced, which is another good thing.

I hope that I can maybe try out some of these recipes with my nephew. I'm sure that this book would inspire and encourage many youngsters to cook and to eat colourful vegetables and fruit.

I can't wait for Erin's third cookbook, The Forest Feast Gatherings, to be released this autumn, how exciting!

Your VegHog

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