3 August 2016

Butterbean hummus with red pepper and walnut paste

This Butterbean hummus with red pepper and walnut paste recipe by Yotam Ottolenghi is such a good one to try. I simply had to make it once I saw the recipe in the Guardian. It looked so good and there can never be enough good dip and paste ideas. In that article there are also a few other good dip recipes, you should definitely have a look!

This plateful consists of two parts, a creamy garlicky butterbean hummus and a paste made from roasted peppers, chillies and walnuts. Hummus is always so good and it's nice to use different pulses to make it. I also love it when peppers are roasted until soggy with black skins. The walnuts just completed this plate.

It was such a good combination and I served it with buttery homemade spelt garlic rolls. This was just the perfect summer spread.

Your VegHog


  1. Sounds really delicious and I love the sound of your rolls too - I get bored of the same old dips and am always looking for more ideas so will have to try this

    1. It was a really good one, I can only recommend! Sorry for not posting the roll recipe, but they're just one of my basic spelt rolls rolled in butter and garlic. :)


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