28 August 2016

Favourite eateries in my area – Chalk Valley Farm & Kitchen / The Stable / Tap Room

I want to introduce to you three further favourite eateries of mine around my area in Southampton. All of these serve very nice veggie food, although they are not purely vegetarian places. Here are three more in case you missed my first post in this series.

Chalk Valley is an excellent organic burger place and has been my favourite ever since they opened a few years ago. They use organic and local produce and are very ethical in their approach. You can choose your bun, patty and toppings for your burger yourself. They have the most excellent veggie patty and other wonderful toppings to choose from. The skin-on-fries are so tasty and often they have a special side salad on offer. Chalk Valley have opened larger premises this month, so I should visit them soon again to check it out.

The Stable is just a dream place for me due to their offering: cider and pizza! They have a huge selection of ciders, of which you can take a tasting board, if you can't quite decide what to drink from the vast selection, or just want to get to know several ciders. They serve pizzas, pies and salads. I normally always have the pizza margherita with their house chilli oil. The crust is crispy and thin with such tasty toppings, just perfect for me. I never mind sitting for longer in this place, as the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. The Stable is a chain, so you might find one near you as well.

Tap Room is a very friendly pub close to my place. I always feel welcome, and enjoy spending time there. Their cheesy fries are just lovely when you have a smaller hunger, but mainly I love their Living On The Veg pizza and flatbread. They are filled with char-grilled vegetables, olives and cheese and served with a chilli mayo on the side. This is basically my Friday evening standard meal. They of course also have a good selection of drinks.


  1. The stable looks amazing! I am especially a fan of the house chili oil, just what I like to see on a table when I'm eating out!

    1. It is a cool place to hang around and that chilli oil is just amazing!

  2. Hello VegHog, I used to be vegetarian for 40 plus years, but went vegan about 18 months ago. I went in the Chalk Valley place in Southampton to see if they had anything vegan (not expecting them to say yes). Basically, I was very hungry, and waiting at the bus stop next to the restaurant on a Bank Holiday Monday. I obviously don't seeing the 'processes' that animals go through as being ethical, no matter how much grass they eat. And it isn't 'grass fed meat', but 'grass fed animals'. But anyway, I'm always pleased to find a vegan option anywhere. The veggie burger I got was horrible. I usually enjoy anything that comes from plants! The burger wasn't a burger, but a sort of thin paste that seemed uncooked, and I could only see a small part of red kidney bean it it. There was a thin slice of tomato, and some shredded lettuce that did not taste fresh, in a white bread bun. It was a Bank Holiday, so I accept that they had run out of granary bread. The counter staff were nice. I was so hungry, and I didn't know exactly when the bus would come, so I ate the veggie 'burger'. I wasn't able to go back and talk to the staff. Did you honestly get a veggie burger that was recognisable as such? Best places I have been recently, is at the old mill, in Wickham (vegan). Of course The Art House cafe is good too. I don't usually go to the bus stop at the Tesco end of London Road in Southampton. I think I'd just pop into Tesco and get something next time. Have had no response from Chalk Valley, so I guess they don't want to know about any not so good experiences.


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