31 December 2016

My Legume Love Affair #102 Round Up

I was really honoured when Lisa from Lisa's Kitchen asked me earlier this year, if I would be interested in hosting the popular My Legume Love Affair cooking challenge. I was of course up for it, and today we can have a look at the recipes that were entered for the challenge in December for the 102th edition of the challenge. I would like to thank everyone so much for taking part, I really loved each and every entry, and know that this was a busy month of cooking for everyone, so I really appreciate your efforts!

So now let's have a look at the recipes.

Janet from The Taste Space submitted an Early Bird Scrambled Tofu that she cooked from a recipe in the book Protein Ninja by Terry Hope Romer. This dish combines chickpeas and tofu with mushrooms and loads of spices like mustard powder, turmeric and ground cumin. It sounds like a very nice comforting dish full of protein and legumes. I'm sure that this will keep you going for a while.

Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe cooked Refried lentils with garlic scapes (and zucchini or pumpkin) for nachos. I truly am a sucker for vegetable nachos and this looks and sounds just wonderful. I think that the idea of making refried lentils instead of refried beans is really inspiring and I want to try it too. There are so many possibilities and different vegetable combinations to be had with nachos, it's just great.

Lisa from Lisa's Kitchen, who hosts MLLA, shared a filling South Indian Chickpea, Cauliflower and Potato Coconut Curry. The curry is made with chickpeas, cauliflower, potato, carrot and tomato and has a coconut milk base. It has been spiced with the nicest warming curry spices. I just love this kind of vegan curries and could tuck into this one right now.

Mrs TJ from Salt to Taste cooked a Sorakkai Kootu, which is one of her family favourites and also good as kids' lunch. This dish is made with a bottle gourd, onion, tomato, dhal and spices. This is an intriguing new recipe for me and I would be delighted to taste this dish that Mrs TJ served with a spicy gravy.

Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen shared a recipe for green vegan Welsh Savoury Pancakes - Christmas Crempog Las. First of all her Christmas tree presentation looks just marvellous, and the concept of vegan chickpea flour and spinach pancakes is great. It's always interesting giving local favourites a vegan or vegetarian twist.

My own MLLA recipe for this month was a Butterbean, red pea and lentil curry that I made with several legumes. I combined them with tomatoes and spices to a vegan curry and had some yellow turmeric rice on the side.

Thank you again very much for entering your recipes and reading the post, have a nice New Year's Eve and a happy 2017!

Your VegHog


  1. MLLA is another one of my favourite blog challenges and i love that it all veggie. Thank you for hosting such marvellous yummy contributions.

    1. I like this challenge very much too, can't wait to cook again with legumes. :)

  2. Wonderful roundup. Thanks so much for hosting.


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