21 January 2013

Roasted cherry tomato and feta tortiglioni

Different pasta dishes are the best quick weekday dinners and you can endlessly variate them. When you come home hungry from work, studies and so on, it's most important to cook something quickly. I don't condemn ready meals at all as I sometimes consume them myself but I would like to point out that many freshly made dishes are just as quick and mostly even cheaper to make than ready meals. Isn't it just nicer to know what ingredients actually were used for your meal?

Here are my instructions for making a quick and light roasted cherry tomato and feta pasta. I claim that making this dish shouldn't take more than 30 minutes and it's all fresh. Unfortunately I didn't time how long it took me, well maybe next time.

This is what you'll need:

A small box of cherry tomatoes
1 Red onion
1 Glove of garlic
½ Feta
Semi-wholewheat tortiglioni pasta
White wine
Olive oil

This is how to make it:

Glaze cherry tomatoes with olive oil and put them into an oven dish and let them roast in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Chop onions and garlic and crush feta with a fork.

Fry onions and garlic in olive oil and add tomatoes to them once they're roasted. Then add white wine to the hot pan and let it simmer. Adding white wine gives that touch of luxury into an ordinary meal.

Season with salt, pepper and fresh basil. 

Cook pasta in salt water. Add pasta to the sauce and put feta among the mix. Serve warm.

Could it be any easier?

'Til the next time!

Your VegHog

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