7 January 2013

Veg hogger's introduction

Hello and welcome to The VegHog's vegetarian realm

This blog is all about having fun with vegetarian cooking and trying out new things. I'm The VegHog and will be sharing here my vegetarian creations, cooking ideas and drink/ready meal/restaurant recommendations with you. Basically anything relating to vegetarian diet could be discussed here. I'm just a self-learned hobby cook who likes making tasty vegetarian food. My cooking is creative, inexpensive and unpretentious. I try to use exciting, fresh and ideally local produce whenever possible.

All food cooked here will be meat-free, however dairy products and eggs will be used. Some of the items might also be vegan. In that case I will be adding a note, but normally cheese is used in almost all my dishes. I try to add dishes where soya products and ingredients high on protein are used but this is by no means a health blog and might sometimes appear one-sided. The VegHog is more of a savoury beast but it might occasionally prepare something sweet.

I'm not planning to share my exact recipes with you since the whole idea in my cooking is to experiment around to find out what works and what doesn't but in general recipes are a great inspiration and guide for techniques that you don't know yet. Normally I don't know an exact recipe to my dishes either. But I will tell you roughly how I have cooked a certain dish and hope that you'll try to make it your own way. The idea is to learn about techniques and then making a creative dish of your own. I would love to hear about your variations to my dishes and other vegetarian cooking experiences. You might want to use your favourite veg instead of my choices which is fair enough as I admittedly am fond of some ingredients too much and tend to use them a lot.

The VegHog is currently based in the UK but its backround is Finnish and therefore there are many Finnish influences in its cooking. It mainly concentrates on European cooking and experiments with different ideas.

I would appreciate your input very much and would be thrilled if I can inspire anyone to vegetarian cooking. Remember, it's really easy and fun!

Herra Hedgehog on this picture has been made from the brilliant Forest Friends paper templates by Mibo. Have a look on their website and get crafty.

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