15 January 2013

Fruity milkshakes

Hello Hoggers!

It's time to take a break from all this savoury food and refresh ourselves with some fruity milkshakes and boost our vitamin levels! There might be snow in many parts of the UK, let alone the world, but any time is good for a self-made milkshake.

Well, you don't need me to tell you how to make milkshakes as it is very easy, but I can remind you of their existence and encourage you to experiment. Just grab your favourite fruits and mix them with vanilla ice-cream. Sugar and/or milk can be added if need be and you can also use other ice-cream flavours.

Mix your chosen ingredients with a hand mixer. You can adjust the thickness of the shake through ice-cream and fruit or milk additions. What I've made in recent days are blueberry and pineapple milkshakes. The pineapple shakes were made with tinned fruit, but the blueberries I used were fresh.

 Blueberry milkshake

Pineapple milkshakes

Just think of all those mandarins, raspberries and mangos – awww bliss. Get wild with mixing flavours and tell me about your creations!

Your VegHog

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