14 January 2013

Fondant potato, cheese and onion pasties

The VegHog has taken its own approach to pasties as well. This is quite a quick dish to make and brilliant to eat even cold the next day, maybe take it with you as breakfast or lunch. The Hog loves to take one with it for long walks in the nature.

Pasties are basically tasty with almost any vegetable filling but I'm going to make these with potato, cheese and onion filling only. My other favourites include just plain cheese and onion or mushroom and pepper filled pasties. I use ready puff pastry sheets form the shop but if you want, you can make the dough yourself.

The twist The VegHog puts in, is to use fondant potatoes. If you haven't made fondant potatoes before I really recommend you to try. They make a great side to many dishes and are very flavoursome in these pasties. Here you can find a good fondant potato recipe.

However I make the fondant potatoes slightly differently for this dish. This is how it goes Hog style: 
New potatoes are the best for this purpose! Dice the potatoes in small cubes, fry them in butter until slightly brown and bake them in the oven swimming in stock and thyme. I don't add any other seasoning as stock gives them the necessary edge.

Chop onions, grate cheese and mix these in a bowl. Later, add the fondant potatoes to this mix when they are cooled down a little.

You can make the pasties any shapes and sizes! Cut appropriate sized slices of the puff pastry: take into account that the easiest way is to use one slice of pastry that you fold over the filling. Place the filling on the pastry, brush the edges with egg and shape the pasty the way you want by folding the top over. Press the edges firmly together with a fork so that pasty will stay nice and closed during baking. You can make any kinds of imprints on the top with a knife or baking utensils, the Hog just made a simple grid on them. Brush also the outside with an egg and maybe throw some sesame seeds on the top.

Then bake in the oven at approximately 180 C until pastry is golden brown and puffy.


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