20 January 2013

Warm lentil and halloumi salad with walnuts

The VegHog feels that salad needs to contain some wholesome ingredients like cheese, eggs, roasted vegetables or nuts in order to be a stand alone main dish. Side salads can be lighter combinations.

For this particular salad The VegHog got its influence from a renowned Northern Irish restaurant but their original recipe has been altered slightly. The main idea is that the cheese and lentils are served warm on a cold salad. You can use either fried halloumi or goat's cheese, both taste good with walnuts and lentils.


Halloumi (or goat's cheese)
Watercress, rocket and spinach mix
Green lentils
Vegetable stock
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar 

Start by preparing the lentils: Rinse and boil them until tender. I boil them in vegetable stock so that they taste more intense. 

Slice halloumi and fry it in oil until brownish; If you use goat's cheese instead, gently warm it in the oven. Cut walnuts in half. Wash salad and place it on the plate, throw walnuts on there. When lentils are cooked, put them on the salad and finally the fried halloumi on the top. Spice the whole thing up with salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

And there you have it, enjoy!


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