24 January 2013

The VegHog's potato salad

Potatoes truly are a Hog's best friend, especially new potatoes. (There will be a proper VegHog praise for new potatoes coming up later this spring. Watch this space!)

The VegHog's potato salad is very easy to make and not many ingredients are needed for it. You can put it quickly together as lunch, a side dish or an evening snack, maybe even as a party salad.

You'll need:

Potatoes (ideally new potatoes)
1 Red onion
Frozen peas
Pepper mayonnaise
Salt & Pepper

Do this!

Peel the potaoes and boil them until they're soft. There's no need to peel them if you use thin skinned new potatoes.

Defrost the peas, just let them sit in a bowl in room temperature for a while. Chop the onion small. When potatoes are boiled soft, slice them and let them cool down.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and add pepper mayonnaise in there. The VegHog uses pepper mayonnaise because it brings nice extra flavour to the dish. Season also with salt and pepper.

What makes it better?

Obviously more fresh vegetables would improve this dish, so feel free to use whatever you have. This is a good dish for using your leftovers. Peppers and sweetcorn suit well to this dish. Some creme fraiche mixed with the mayonnaise would make it a lighter option.

Variation tip: Use pasta instead of potatoes. Below is a pasta salad made with the same ingredients as the potato salad, only with wholewheat pasta instead of potatoes.

Get creative and stay hungry!

Your VegHog

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