29 January 2013

Vegetarian sausages with steamed vegetables and potato mash

Well, the sausages aren't self made but this is still quite a fresh and colourful dish, and may I add very tasty.


Green beans
Small red peppers
Olive oil

Potato mash

Peel the potatoes and boil them for about 30 minutes until they're soft. Mash them adding butter and salt as you go.

Roasted peppers

I bought seedless small red peppers for this. Just wash them, roll them in some olive oil, place them into an oven dish and roast until they are soft.

Vegetarian sausages

I cooked the vegetarian sausages under the grill but you can also fry them in a pan. Just cook until they are brown and piping hot.

Steamed vegetables

Recently I was given this phenomenal Joseph Joseph Lotus steamer and I'm never going back to metal steamers again. I call the range Joseph Conrad although the heart of darkness is quite far away from these products. Have a look at their web page for brilliant plastic kitchen ware!

Wash and cut the vegetables into pieces fit for the purpose. Put some water into a pan and place steamer in there. Put vegetables into the steamer and steam under lid until they are soft.

Make a colourful presentation on the plates and enjoy this filling dish! This is how simple it can be to make a tasty vegetarian meal.

Stay hungry!

Your VegHog

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