4 March 2013

Cheese and onion pie

This is where the serious British Pie Week pie making starts. I thought I'd start with a classic: a simple cheese and onion pie. Somehow it is so very British as well! The only problem is that I have never made this kind of a closed pie before.

Therefore for the first try I decided to follow a recipe that I saw BBC's The Good Cook, Simon Hopkinson, make. This is actually his mother's recipe and you can find all instructions in the BBC page. I'm not going to repeat everything here.

I only changed it slightly: instead of lard I used margarine and instead of Lancashire cheese I used a mix of Cheddar and Red Leicester. I also added less water to the onions to evaporate. Otherwise I pretty much stuck to that recipe.

The pastry is quite rich as it consists of much fat but it suits well the cheesy and oniony filling. I realise that it's very important to get the pastry exactly right to be able to roll it properly and place it in a perfect condition into the pie tin. I still have some room for improvement as the pie could have looked better but the result was definitely tasty and extremely filling. The pie absolutely melted in my mouth!

All in all it was a very good experience and I'll definitely make this pie again some time.

See you tomorrow with a different pie!

Your VegHog

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