17 March 2013

Risotto burger with tomato, mozzarella and ciabatta

A risotto burger might sound fairly strange at first but just think about it how brilliant it must be! I got this idea mainly through the love for risotto and vegetarian Schnitzels and decided to try to make some. This was my first attempt and I'm sure that there will be more and I also have some ideas how to make them even better.

It's best to do these burgers the next day after making risotto. It's quite convenient usage for the left-over risotto. You can also cook the risotto just for the burgers but that's much more work for one day. I used a mushroom and pepper risotto for the burgers, which was similar to the risotto that I made here, only the asparagus is missing.


2-3 Eggs
Bread crumbs
Olive oil
Ciabatta rolls
Cherry tomatoes
Wild rocket

Beat the eggs on a deep plate and place the bread crumbs on another plate next to it. In that way you'll have a perfect production line for the burgers.

Heat olive oil in a pan. Olive oil isn't traditionally used that much for frying but Italian ingredients dominate in these burgers, so a nice olive oil note won't harm.

Take the risotto out of the refrigerator and shape burgers of it when it's in a cold state. If the risotto doesn't easily want to stick in a burger shape, stir a little wheat flour into the risotto and some beaten egg if needed. That should bind it better. If you want to make the burgers even more succulent mix some grated mozzarella into the risotto before shaping the burgers.

Roll the burgers first on the beaten egg plate and then in the breadcrumbs. Move them swiftly into the hot pan. Regulate the pan's heat if needed, it should be hot enough to fry the burgers until properly crispy but not too hot that they're about to burn. Turn the burgers over when one side is nicely fried golden brown and crispy. Place the fried burgers to the side and repeat this frying as long as you have some risotto left. It's totally up to you how many you want to make.

While frying you can do the rest of the preparations for the burgers: Bake the ciabatta rolls in the oven by following the info on the package. Even better if you can make your own ciabatti. Wash the rocket and tomatoes and chop the tomatoes and mozzarella into thin slices.

Before serving just stack all ingredients in a burger style on the ciabatta.

Stay hungry!

Your VegHog

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