4 March 2013

British Pie Week 2013 – Pieminister

Today the British Pie Week kicks off!

The VegHog got caught in the excitement and has decided to make a different pie every day during the British Pie Week 4.-10.03.2013. It's a challenge but hopefully manageable. Through this action I hope to learn a lot about pie making. British pies are tasty but unfortunately often meaty, so there's also a challenge to try and make innovative vegetarian pies. The VegHog pies won't be entirely British style as the VegHog twist is necessary like always.

In this first pie entry I'm going to write about a pie making company, Pieminister, to get into the mood of good pie making. Pieminister was founded in Bristol in 2003 and they are the makers of several award-winning pies. Luckily a few of their pies are vegetarian and some supermarkets stock their pies, but they also have their own restaurants and market stalls. I've only visited the restaurant in Oxford and it was a really good experience. They offer a broad range of Pieminister pies and even mash and peas as a side, and I believe other things as well. 

My absolute favourite is the Wild Shroom Pie, which consists of wild mushrooms, asparagus, white wine & cream. It is so shroomy and creamy! I sometimes like to have decadent weekend breakfasts with it or just eat it as lunch.  

Pieminister also pulled an evil stunt by making the most delicious and lovely seasonal pie and then taking it off the market: Christingle Pie with honey roast parsnip, cheddar cheese and chestnuts. They really made me addicted to it and now it's not available anymore! Well I certainly hope it makes a comeback this Christmas.

Find out more about Pieminister from their website

Shortly The VegHog starts posting its own pie recipes, so stay tuned. Have a good week celebrating all things pie!

Your VegHog

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