14 March 2013

Pink grapefruit & gin cocktail

It's time for a little drink after all that heavy cooking and baking, and also my last drink related article was a while ago. I'm not the best friend of cocktails being more of a cider hog but sometimes a refreshing cocktail can be nice. So let us mix a G&G cocktail and practise for the summer for it'll come one day. One could even claim that this is a fairly healthy drink with all those vitamins but maybe I don't want to exaggerate.

Fresh pink grapefruits
Fresh lime
Crushed ice

Press juice out of the pink grapefruit and lime. Pour some gin into a nice glass and then grapefruit and lime juice on it. You can regulate the alcohol amount easily according to your preferences and taste. Crush some ice to go with it, mix and enjoy!

I can't wait until it's warmer and I can enjoy this outdoors.

Until the next time!

Your VegHog

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