19 March 2013

Potato breads

These breads are in the style of traditional Finnish perunarieska, a potato flatbread. The only major change I made was using spelt flour instead of the normally used barley flour. Barley flour is awfully difficult to obtain in England and I didn't feel like milling or grinding pearl barley myself.

Ingredients to make about 8 small flatbreads

500g Potatoes
1 Egg
1dl Spelt flour
2dl Wheat flour
1tsp Salt


Peel the potatoes and boil them until soft. Then chase them through a potato ricer or just mash them as usual. Add the egg to the potatoes and stir. Then add the flours and salt and knead until the dough is even.

Shape small flatbreads of the dough and place them on a greased baking tray or baking paper. If you so will you can also make a larger bread. Typically this is a very easy dough to shape as the potatoes are good binding agents. Obviously it pays off using tasty waxy potatoes.

Stab some fork marks on the top of the breads and bake them at 180-200C for about 20 minutes until they have received brown spots.

They taste superb just with some butter or margarine.


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