30 May 2013

Steamed new potatoes with radish leaf pesto

The first harvest from The VegHog's garden (apart from herbs) has been made and I instantly cooked something with my new radishes. These radishes grew incredibly quickly in my small balcony box and I'm now going to plant the second batch. It's incredibly rewarding to be able to cook with the produce from your own garden that you watched growing.

I grew French breakfast radishes and like with other varieties the leaves are edible. Therefore I decided to make a radish leaf pesto. Of course the leaves have other uses as well, which I may explore at a later stage. Generally I'm a great appreciator of radish anyway but I very much liked this meal, which also is a fully vegan and you can basically make it in the blink of an eye.


New potatoes – Source them locally and steam them until cooked. Steaming of course keeps the vitamins in and there's no need to peel new potatoes as the peels are very thin and also nutricious.

For the radish leaf pesto:

The leaves of three radishes
1 clove of garlic
A handful of cashew nuts
Olive oil

While your potatoes are steaming you can prepare the pesto. Firstly blanch the radish leaves for ten seconds in boiling water and quickly transfer them into cold water and then drain. Puree the leaves with the garlic, cashew nuts, salt and olive oil and your spicy vegan pesto is done!

When the potatoes are steamed mix them with the pesto and serve the actual radishes on the side and enjoy!

You might have already guessed that this won't be my last radish recipe as the homegrown produce just keeps coming. Please also share your vegetable growing experiences with us!

Your VegHog

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