15 May 2013

Sweet potato gnocchi with pesto

This is another one of my gnocchi recipes: simple but delicious. Try it!

For the pesto:

Large bunch of fresh basil
Vegetarian parmigiano
Pine nuts
Olive oil

Make the pesto first as it can rest in the fridge until the gnocchi is ready. Grate the vegetarian parmigiano. Grind the garlic and pine nuts, add the cheese, basil and olive oil to it and grind to a smooth paste with a hand mixer. Put it into a sealable container and let rest in the fridge.

Tip: Freeze cubes of the pesto in an ice cube tray to be used later. That way you'll always have a quick pesto at hand!

For the gnocchi:

300g Sweet potatoes
200g Potatoes
1 dl Wheat flour
1 tsp Salt

I used a mix of regular waxy potatoes and sweet potatoes as regular potatoes are more binding. Peel the potatoes and the sweet potatoes and boil them for about 30 minutes until they are soft and let them cool down. Then mash them by pressing through a potato ricer into a bowl. Add a pinch of salt and some flour into the bowl and mix and knead until you have a bouncy firm paste that can easily be shaped. Add flour carefully while checking the texture of the dough. It's important to get a texture that is bouncy and holds together at the boiling stage and that doesn't get soggy.

Shape the dough into small balls with teaspoons or by hand. Another method is to make a longish thin rod and then cut small pieces out of it. Bring water to the boil and put the gnocchi in, let boil heavily throughout. Boil until they float on the surface, which happens quite quickly.

Mix the gnocchi with the pesto and enjoy!

Stay hungry!

Your VegHog

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