24 August 2013

Finnish Gin Long Drink - Lonkero

In my opinion one of the best alcoholic beverages in this world is the Finnish Gin Long Drink, Lonkero to its friends, the grey gold of the north. Nowadays several brands and flavours of the long drink exist, but the classic is the best: gin in a tin with a grapefruit lemonade type of drink, at strength of 4,7% or 5,5% alcohol.

This drink was the first ready made alcoholic mixed drink in the history when it was created to quench the thirst of visitors to the 1952 Helsinki summer olympics. These days it's still one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Finland, and I miss it so much when I'm in England. It should be exported more widely as it beats gin and tonic 5-0. Lonkero's taste is smoother and finer due to the grapefruit and the gin is more subtle.

But anyway, please don't take this appraisal too seriously, it's only my opinion and I appreciate that people have different tastes!

What's your favourite drink, dear Hogger?



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