19 August 2013

Sea-buckthorn berry jelly served with squeaky cheese

Hi Hoggers!

Today's dish uses similar ingredients as yesterday's salad but is still quite different and whimsical. Please have a look at the previous post, where also the sea-buckthorn berry and the Finnish squeaky cheese are explained. I utilised these very typical western Finnish ingredients again, but tried to create a more modern approach.

This is how you can make this salad/starter:

Prepare the sea-buckthorn berry jelly. Dissolve a sachet (about 6g) of vege gel, vegetarian gelatine, into 2dl of cold water. Then heat the liquid up to the boiling point. Add one tablespoon of sugar and dissolve it into the liquid. Puree about 100g of sea-buckthorn berries with a hand mixer and press them through a sieve to the gelatine liquid. Whisk carefully so that there are no lumps. Pour it to a container or glass of your choice depending on how you want to present the jelly later. I poured mine on a plate with high edges in order to make fairly flat jelly.

Then dice some squeaky cheese. I diced both the cheese and the jelly to approximately same sized cubes and presented them as a chessboard, but the possibilities are limitless. I appreciate that you might not get any sea-buckthorn berries, but please also consider cloudberry or cranberry jelly with cheese!

Get creative!

Your VegHog


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