17 August 2013

Raspberry and white chocolate cheese cake with raspberry coulis

As you might know, I don't bake sweet stuff so often, but the hog mother's birthday definitely called for a cake. This however can hardly be called baking as it's a non-bake cake, which makes it just so appealing especially in the summertime when you don't want to use your oven too much. You can comfortably make it within one hour but you'll need the patience to let it set overnight.

Normally this sort of recipe would need some gelatine, but luckily good vegetarian alternatives exist. It can be difficult to get the cake set, especially with white chocolate that has a lower melting point and therefore might not set properly. As the filling is quite creamy, more vegetarian gelatine than usual is needed, about 12g of the vege gel should do the trick. Dissolve them according to the instructions on the packet.

The base:

180g oat biscuits

50g butter

Crush the oat biscuits finely, melt the butter and mix the two together. Grease the base of a large detachable base cake tin with butter and press the biscuit base onto the bottom.

The filling:

0,5l raspberries

130g white chocolate

100g plain soft cheese

170g lemon soft cheese

2 eggs

1dl sugar

12g vegetarian gelatine (2 sachets vege gel)

2dl whipping cream

Melt the white chocolate in a water bath. Prepare the vegetarian gelatine as described on your packet.

Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Beat the egg yolks and the sugar into a foam. Add the melted white chocolate, both soft cheeses and the vegetarian gelatine. Also whip the cream and carefully mix it to the main filling. Then whip the egg whites foamy and mix lightly. This is the chocolate and cheese filling done.

Pour half of the filling on the cake base and add the raspberries on it. Then cover the raspberries with the rest of the filling. Cover the cake tin and let the cake set in the fridge until the next day.

I decided to make some raspberry coulis, an intense raspberry sauce, to it and it's better to make this on day two just before serving.

The Raspberry coulis:

A handful of Raspberries

1tbsp water

3tbsp sugar

Dissolve the sugar in water by heating them gently. Puree the raspberries and press them through a sieve to the pan. Mix it and let cool.

Decorate the cake with the raspberry coulis, fresh raspberries and serve it with coffee. Enjoy!

Your VegHog


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