1 August 2013

Harvest time

Happy August dear Hoggers!

This summer I have posted quite many dishes where my homegrown produce has featured either in leading or supporting roles. It has been very rewarding to harvest my own fresh veg, even if it has been on a very small scale. Here is once again a small update how my plants are doing at the moment.

The French dwarf beans grew surprisingly well in a small balcony box and I was able to cook some nice dishes with them. Their taste was very intense.

The bush tomatoes are coming along very well. They are just starting to blush now, so it shouldn't be that long anymore. I can't wait to get my hands on them.

The capsicum was sown quite late, but it's getting stronger. I would love to get an own pepper.

A small chili

Red dazzle lettuce

Also the lettuce and chard are very late sowings but I hope that something will come of them.

I'm looking forward to more fresh produce from my garden and hope that the outdoor growing season will be long this year.

Lovely outdoor parsley

Have fun in your garden!

Your VegHog

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