14 August 2013

Vegetarian food café Morgenstedet in Christiania

Morgenstedet is an ecological vegetarian food place in Christiania, which is an area within the beautiful Danish capital Copenhagen. Freetown Christiania was founded in 1971 as an autonomous neighbourhood and a commune for about 850 residents through squatting in old military barracks.

I visited Christiania recently and it's an interesting place to say the least, but what I was most thrilled about was the good quality, no nonsense and cheap (for Copenhagen's standards) veggie food that they served at Morgenstedet. On that day they offered three main course options: Chili sin carne, Pea soup and Burrito, and I believe that they actually aim to offer two main dishes and a soup every day (closed on Mondays). I chose the Chili sin carne, which was a large and tasty tofu, romanesco, mixed bean and other vegetable chili served with rice. You could have chosen a side salad, bread or desserts as well.

The plates are filled instantly at the counter, so even with some queueing the food is quickly received. The ambience for eating is very chilled although the place was quite busy when I was there. There is a cozy inside eating area and a garden. The staff speak English like pretty much everywhere in Denmark, but isn't it just more fun trying to speak Danish!

See you soon!

Your VegHog



  1. That place looks very lovely! I see that the place is Danish but I noticed that the dishes you ordered are in spanish, like "chili sin carne."
    I don't know if the Spanish had something to do with the Danish but I just found that little coincidence interesting. Overall, lucky you for going there! I'd really love to visit the place. :)


    1. I reckon that the dish names "chili con carne" and "chili sin carne" are so well known everywhere that they just went with that name. Otherwise they had their menu in English to make it easier for the tourists.
      And yes, the place was great, hope to go there soon again. In general in Denmark it wasn't so easy to find vegetarian food, fish and meat dishes are dominating there.


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