18 August 2013

Sea-buckthorn berry and squeaky cheese salad

Us Finns are crazy about berries, mushrooms and all sorts of forest and natural produce. Visit our country for unforgettable culinary experiences. I mainly try to make nice fusion dishes with Finnish produce when I have the chance.

Sea-buckthorn grows wild and in people's gardens in western Finland where The VegHog comes from. Here we know it as tyrni. The sea-buckthorn berries contain loads of vitamin C and the flavour is very crisp and strong. It also makes brilliant juices and jams. As I'm on a holiday at home now, I have picked these berries and utilised them in my cooking. I really want to take some dried ones with me back to England.

Today's dish is a simple sea-bucktorn salad with some squeaky Finnish cheese, leipäjuusto.The squeaky cheese is a traditional mild homemade cheese from my region with distinctive charring marks and it's a great addition to salads. I used to be lucky enough to get the fresh homemade cheese charred at an open fire while following the cheese making process of my grandparents, but nowadays I get mine from the supermarket.

For this salad I combined the sea-buckthorn berries I had picked myself with squeaky cheese cubes and fresh local lettuce and enjoyed it as a colourful side dish to new potatoes.

Stay hungry!

Your VegHog



  1. Thank goodness I ate before reading this. Hahah
    If not I'd be so hungry because of this post! Blog posts as delicious as these always make me hungry. ;(


    1. But probably that wasn't said very often about a sea-buckthorn berry dish. ;)


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