19 February 2014

Scottish tattie scones

Felicity Cloake has researched for The Guardian how to cook the perfect tattie scones, and after having read her article I couldn't resist cooking this traditional Scottish dish myself. 

These made such a tasty Saturday breakfast. I was out the previous night, and this was the perfect breakfast for my fairly weak condition.

This is all you need:

500 g floury potatoes
50 g butter
125 g flour
Sprinkle of salt (my own addition to the recipe)

Boil the potatoes with the peels on and then peel and mash them.

Mix the potato mash with the flour, butter and salt once it has cooled a little.

Shape round scones of the mixture.

Fry the scones in butter on each side until golden brown.

Serve warm, and add some extra butter to get some extra strength for the day.

Stay hungry!

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