6 March 2015

Belated buns


Laskiaispullat are special seasonal buns or cakes, only this year I missed the season by a couple of weeks. I was in Bruges on Shrove Tuesday, so didn't have enough time even before the trip to make these. Traditionally these buns are made in Finland (and variations in other Nordic countries) for Shrove Tuesday and a few days around it, and also eaten on the Sunday before.

The special flavour in the pulla dough itself comes from ground green cardamom seeds and the clue is in the filling: strawberry jam and whipped cream. They are so tasty, so why not make them more often than once a year? They are not too much trouble either.

If you fancy some, have a look into my recipe from last year that makes around 10 buns. I followed that same recipe again this year. Serve them with coffee, hot chocolate or even tea and enjoy! They are wonderful to be shared with friends.

Your VegHog


  1. Those buns look Dee -Licious. Adore the hedgehog tea-towel too/

    1. Thank you very much Shaheen! These are my favourite buns of all time combined with happy childhood memories. Ikea had this hedgehog fabric couple of years ago that I of course just had to buy. I made tea towels and am saving the rest for a special project. :)


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