1 March 2015

First plantings

Sun was shining earlier today, and that inspired me to start the gardening season. In the meanwhile the weather has changed into miserable again. I had purchased a few seeds before and also got bush tomato seeds from my partner's father from his 2014 crops. Although my vines were very proud last year, I thought I'll try with a bush tomato variation again. I also made a hard decision: I won't be planting any courgettes this year. They are nice, but on the balcony they take an awful lot of space away.

Unfortunately during the winter I managed to kill my chilli plant that I've had for a few years and want to replace it with an equally successful plant. So now I planted some red demon chillies. I'm excited to see, how they'll grow. Other items on my incubation trays include: chives, sweet peppers and French breakfast radish. I will surely plant more things shortly, but really wanted to get the peppers into the ground as soon as possible to hopefully get a good crop.

I will keep you updated of the growth of my plants. Have you already been working in your garden? What is growing there?


  1. All of my babies died because of the cold weather too. :<
    Do share some update photos for the future, I'd love to see them!

    Vegetarian Courtesy

    1. I'm sorry to hear that. :( I only managed to keep a couple of herbs alive, which isn't so great. If these turn out okay, there will be updates.


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