10 March 2015

Gnocchi with brown sage butter

This dish could belong to a series called something like “Quicker than a ready-meal” or “Cheaper than a ready-meal”, as I think that both claims are true. However it's a very tasty dish and I really enjoy it every now and again, not just on weekdays. Gnocchi and brown sage butter are a great match, but they can be a bit heavy, so a fresh side salad is always a nice addition to those, and the components of the salad can always vary. Here is how I made today's dish.

All you need is:

A bunch of fresh sage
50 g butter
500 g gnocchi
Vegetarian pasta cheese
Mixed salad leaves
Salad dressing (Here I used my basic pomegranate molasses dressing)

The salad and salad dressing can be prepared first. Just take your favourite simple side salad, or whatever fresh ingredients you happen to have at hand.

Heat the butter in a pan at moderate temperature. The butter must not get too hot and burn. We need some browning, though. Put the sage leaves into the butter and mix occasionally. The brown sage butter is done when the butter has browned a little golden brown and the sage leaves are crispy.

At the same time cook the gnocchi in boiling water until they float on the surface. This only takes a few minutes.

Pour the sage butter onto the gnocchi, sprinkle the grated pasta cheese on the top and serve them with a side salad, and incredibly it's all done!


Your VegHog

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