3 March 2015

Roots & Rice

This recipe is by Nigel Slater and published in the Guardian. It's simple, vegan, light, cheap and perfect for a weekday. It contains root vegetables combined with rice and onions. I must admit that I never before reading this recipe thought of combining root vegetables with rice. Somehow it just didn't belong to my regular cooking ways, but I got curious once I saw this recipe and tried it out. I also haven't been cooking much rice at all lately, so even that makes a welcome change.

I think that this was a rather nice dish, even though I left the beetroot of the original recipe out, which makes my variation a bit paler, but it was still very tasty. Otherwise I followed the recipe pretty closely.

This dish works either as a stand-alone dish, or served on the side in fashion of a pilaf rice. I think just a fresh salad, pomegranate seeds and little halloumi would be great with this.

What do you think of this dish?



  1. this looks like a great winter warmer - not the sort of dish I usually use but I could imagine I would love it - with maybe some hearty stew on the side!

    1. That's exactly what it is, and not one of my typical dishes either, but it was worth the try.


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