4 March 2017

Craft Beer Rising London 2017

Last weekend we went to Craft Beer Rising beer festival in London's Brick Lane. This is a yearly tradition for us, and it was great once again. We met some old friends, made new acquaintances and tasted some excellent beers and ciders. Here is only a quick overview of the beers tasted, accompanied with a few photos.

Hoppy Seabird is a new craft beer range by Gower Brewery in Swansea in Wales. These were lovely new beers to get to know. They also had a friendly and enthusiastic guy talking about the beers and the brewery. I just loved their branding. 

My lovely partner won me a t-shirt featuring this dinosaur from the Butcombe Brewing Co.'s wheel spinning game. What a good win and nice beers to go with it. Their dinosaur beer's logo is one of my favourites anyway. I always appreciate good artwork on beverages and food, and that can be a major factor when making purchase decisions.

There were also some Scandinavians preset: Amundsen and Ægir breweries from Norway had brewed an excellent collaboration beer. We visited Ægir in Norway last autumn, so it was nice to see them in this country. I hope both breweries will be successful in the British market. From Sweden there was Kungsbryggeriet from Stockholm, once again great beers.

Prancing Pony Brewery from New Zealand was another new acquaintance for us. I really liked their beer and branding, and we also bought a couple of bottles to take home. We are still saving them for a special occasion.

We already visited UBREW last autumn in the Bermondsey Beer Mile in London, but I just had to get another dinosaur beer. 

Some of our old friends were luckily there, it's always nice to see a familiar face: Big Hug Brewery with their lovely beers and cans, Goose Island, who now even had a tap room downstairs, Caple Road ciders had some new products to taste, and on the snack side my favourites, Karkli, spicy handmade Indian style lentil snacks.

We didn't eat a lot there, as the vegetarian food offering seemed to be a little bit less this year. We managed to get a decent mac'n'cheese though. However I would have hoped for a bit more veggie food. 

So this was it, hopefully we can go again next year.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Your VegHog

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  1. I'm so picky when it comes to beer, but I agree that the logo's do make them more interesting and approachable!



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