16 March 2017

Couscous with chilli-honey glazed halloumi

I've mentioned a few times before that I'm a fan of Gran Luchito, and their chilli sauces, and I can just keep repeating myself. They have a versatile range of smoked chilli paste, chilli ketchup, chilli mayo, chilli honey etc., all products that I've tried have been of excellent quality.

I sometimes also browse through their recipes on their webpage to find Mexican style cooking inspiration, and one time I stumbled upon this Chilli Honey Halloumi Couscous Salad Recipe.

I made the salad according the instructions and pretty much even stuck to the ingredient amounts (I used a slightly bigger halloumi...), and it was a complete revelation. I loved this dish so much and want to eat it every day. All the flavours complimented each other so well, the walnuts, spring onions, the glazed halloumi, all mixed in the mild fluffy couscous, simply so good! I have the feeling that this will become one of my standard dishes.

I'm not going to repeat the recipe here, as I didn't really change it. Head to the Gran Luchito page, if you want to see how this is made. They also have quite a nice YouTube channel, if you prefer watching recipe videos.

The chilli-honey can be a bit hard to find in shops, but I order it online, so it's fairly convenient. The product is totally worth it.

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  1. Mmm, yum, that looks amazing! Thanks, will visit that site right now

    1. It was a really good of blend of flavours and textures, so nice!


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