25 March 2017

Tattie scones for breakfast

Happy weekend everyone! I'm so happy that today has started sunny and energetic after a long, busy and somewhat annoying week at work. I've been too busy to post anything, but let's hope that I can catch up a bit during the weekend.

First thing this morning I went for a walk in the local park. It was nice and quiet there early in the morning, apart from a few joggers and dog walkers, and I felt so good afterwards for having exercised a bit. Here are a couple of photos from my walk as well. It's starting to be properly spring over here, even though couple of days this week were fairly chilly. I'm heading to town soon to the health food shop, but before that I wanted to share my breakfast with you.

I didn't have the healthiest breakfast today, as I had already planned yesterday to make some tattie scones. I've shared a tattie scone recipe a few times before (at least here and here). They are Scottish potato cakes fried in butter, quite naughty, but oh so tasty. Now I made them with a 50/50 spelt and rye flour mix to make them even more wholesome. I left the skins on the potatoes for a more rustic finish. It saves a lot of time, if you cook the potatoes the previous night, and this time I was well prepared. I made a fairly large batch, so have some left for tomorrow, perfect!

Enjoy your weekend!

Your VegHog

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