6 March 2017

Forest walk in New Forest

A few weeks back we visited the nearby New Forest and had a nice winter walk there. Back then it was still a bit icy, so it was a very refreshing and energising. It was quite unusual that those parts of the forest were so empty of people, as they are usually quite popular walking and cycling routes. I guess the weather kept the crowds away. That was even better for us, just us and the nature, bliss!

Of course we did some of the usual pony spotting. The ponies were wearing their thick winter coats and grazing happily. We also saw a large herd of deer, but they were too far away to take a photo. I didn't dare to approach them more, as they surely would have ran away.

I'm sorry that I didn't come around posting these photos earlier, but here they are now. In the meanwhile it's much more spring like already.

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