11 July 2017

2 x melon and cheese salad

Here comes more summer food, and why not, it's July after all! How are you all doing? I've been busy again (or still) and haven't been able to return to my old posting shape. 

I had my first visitor over, so that took some of my time. Otherwise it has been a busy work schedule, and I'm also travelling to Finland over this weekend. 

This kind of melon + cheese combinations in salads are my absolute favourites in the summer. It's a refreshing yet filling dish with the protein addition, and perfect for barbecue parties with friends. The weather has been variable here in Copenhagen, but I've still found it to be warm the whole time, and definitely right for some summer food.

My go-to mix for these salads is any melon (often watermelon or cantaloupe melon), new season onions, fresh mixed leaves and grilled cheese or halloumi. Just perfect! 

Tell me about your favourite summer salad in the comment box below!


  1. I am not a melon person but I would like this with berries or stone fruit. For a favourite summer salad - I enjoy lentils, tomato and herbs

    1. Those option sound lovely too, I also use a lot of berries and fruit in the summer. Lentils are always good in salads as extra protein and filling agents.

  2. And meant to say that I love your photos of the salad at the window - enjoy your trip home


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