12 July 2017

University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden

It’s time to post something from my area in Copenhagen, as I haven’t come around to it too much yet. I live very close to the Botanical Gardens, which is just brilliant, and I go there for spontaneous walks a lot. They have many greenhouses and a large park around them. It’s a nice haven in the centre of the city.

There is a very interesting flora and fauna there. One greenhouse is more spectacular than the other, and the outdoor area comes in full bloom in the summer. I love water lilies, and there are plenty of those there. It’s a shame that the giant water lily indoors isn’t blooming at the moment, as I’m sure that that is a true spectacle.

What was blooming recently (and maybe still is?), was the Protea cynaroides (large pink flower below). It was so impressive and pretty, and I went to see it a few times.

Another favourite of mine is the cactus and succulent house. There are so many spiny plants there, some of them are quite hedgehoglike.

I was very surprised to bump into that turtle and its several friends! I wouldn’t have thought that they can survive like that in Denmark, but at least now they seemed very happy in their pond. Of course there are also a lot of birds, squirrels and fish to observe. That’s one of my relaxing hobbies.

Here are some photos from the gardens, from the greenhouses and the outside. Everything is just perfect there, even when the weather is a bit cloudy, it’s a good place to escape to.


  1. When i lived in Glasgow, i loved exploring the botanical gardens there on a regular basis as it was on my way to Uni and later work, my most recent visit to a Botanic garden is perhaps Eden Project in Cornwall. What lovely photographs you have captured of Copenhagen Botanical Gardens - my fave are the first and the sixth picture

    1. It's so great to have a stroll in such great places, isn't it. I'm lucky to be able to go here often.

  2. wow that looks lovely - E is fond of the Edinburgh botanics and so we have visited there quite a bit - I love your squirrel photo - we don't get squirrels in Australia so they always seem very european and cute. The poppies are lovely and colourful too. How lovely to live close to such a garden.

    1. For me the red squirrels seem more exotic now after the grey squirrels of England. :)


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