29 July 2017

Copenhagen life by the water

As the Botanical Gardens post pretty much is the only Copenhagen related post I've managed to write in nearly two months, I had to make another photo post now. Otherwise it will be winter before I can share these photos with you. I can't believe how time flies and I don't get anything done.

For this post I chose the theme of water, as there's water everywhere in Copenhagen: canals, lakes, ponds and the sea. I live close to a place called The Lakes, which is a wonderfully serene spot in central Copenhagen. I walk past some wonderful scenes every morning when going to work and I do consider myself lucky every time. There is such a variety of water birds and people are doing water activities everywhere. Especially now in the summer this is great. I hope you enjoy the photos, which I have collected from different spots in Copenhagen.

I'm also hoping to write soon more about Copenhagen, especially the vegetarian food scene here (there is a very exciting street food scene!), and probably also the beer drinking scene, which is very vibrant.


Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. Whats happening in the picture with the fire?

    1. That was a Sankt Hans bonfire, a celebration to Midsummer. Apparently they burned a witch on top of that fire, but it was quite a nice communal celebration.


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