6 February 2021

Cheesy oven sausages and baked potatoes


How are you all holding up? It seems like every day is the same and there is not much to do on the weekends apart from going on walks. We have now found fancy making a small campfire in the woods on our weekend walks. It’s quite nice to have a little break, light a warming fire and have snacks. We even bought a small axe for this purpose and it really is good fun. We’ve had a little bit snow and ice in Copenhagen this week, which is absolutely fantastic and all the lakes look so beautiful. It means we will soon be out and about today as well and just explore the icy city.

Before that I’ll make a quick food post. I made this very comforting dish of cheesy baked oven sausages with these newish vegan BBQ sausages. They were really good. The cheesy oven sausage is a classic 80s dish from my childhood, I just made a vegetarian version of it. I had cheesy baked potatoes, steamed brussels sprouts and salad on the side. It was a really nice winter dish and I can only recommend it.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Your VegHog



  1. I've never seen cheesy sausages like that but now I like the look of it and must try it - nice comforting meal! A fire in the woods and snowy lake scenes sounds really lovely - glad there are some little stabs of happiness in your days.

    1. It's a Finnish working class classic. Do try it, it's quite nice in the vegetarian version. I just hope that there would be thicker vegan/veggie sausages, as that would be the correct form.


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