7 February 2016

Strawberry and cream buns – Laskiaispullat

It's Shrove Sunday, so it's the perfect timing to make these traditional Finnish Shrove buns that are mainly eaten on Shrove Tuesday and on the days before it. I love these strawberry and cream buns and my partner is also quite happy to get them. He might want them more often than once a year...

My standard recipe for these buns can be found here. I followed it otherwise, but used double cream for the filling and added some sugar nibs on the top of the buns before baking. It's quite traditional to add coarse sugar on Finnish buns.

Have a wonderful week!

Your VegHog


  1. Wow, they look almost scone like, but rounder. I want to dive into one, but I am trying to be good and ease of cakes - not easy though when you tempt me with such deliciousness.

    1. These are kind of similar to scones, quite a dense texture, but I guess the cardamom flavouring in the bun sets them a bit apart. At least I'm not aware that it's used in scones here, it's kind of a Nordic thing... I think you should try these one time, if you are curious. They are really nice, but I only make them once a year. :)

    2. I also try to eat a little lighter, so Shrove Tuesday was an exception for cakes.


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