10 February 2016

Bread board with cheese and olives

I really enjoy eating a variety of different snacks gathered on one board. These kind of boards are always a good idea for a cosy night in and I think that the next Saturday evening is already settled. The best thing is that there isn't too much preparation for this. This time I baked my own breads, but homemade bread is useful anyway, so it doesn't matter that it takes a bit longer. Otherwise it's hardly any work to gather such a board.

For this board I made three breads, mini carrot baguettes, mini carrot loaves with wheat flour and spelt rolls with pumpkin seeds, hazelnut crunch and cider. I wanted to serve the bread with dips and cheeses and altogether this was actually a surprisingly filling evening meal. I also added some soft roasted garlic, as I have been roasting garlic heads lately like there's no tomorrow, so lovely for the winter! Aged Havarti cheese has been my another guilty pleasure of the season and had to go onto the board, it's such a nice and flavoursome cheese.

Here are the components of this board:

Mini carrot baguette
Mini carrot loaf
Seedy spelt rolls
Roasted garlic
Aged Havarti
Roasted peppers
Balsamic vinegar

Do you ever fancy such snack boards?

Your VegHog


  1. Can I come over on Saturday please - that looks so good!

    1. Certainly, you are welcome anytime! :)


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